Lorelié Salon & Spa Suites is officially open!

Why Lorelié?

Rent a Boutique Style Suite & Indulge Your Clients With a Luxurious Experience!

At Lorelié, our mission is to empower independent entrepreneurs from all areas of beauty and wellness. We give professionals the opportunity to build their own businesses by providing them with the private, elegant space, tools, and support they need to be successful. We also offer a complimentary concierge service.

The Boutique Suites

Unlike your average everyday rental space, a Lorelié boutique suite is fully furnished and exquisitely designed to accommodate both your professional needs and the desires of your guests. These petite boutiques feature modern aesthetics, and sophisticated design and functionality. From quartz countertops and world-renowned spa and salon equipment, LED mirrors, and modern lighting with an inviting lounge reception and concierge, you will feel the difference Lorelié strives to offer.

Our salon boutique suites feature washing stations and styling chairs designed by world-renowned Japanese designer Takara Belmont. A styling station, LED mirrors, color bar comfort mats, and utilities are all included!

Our spa boutique suites offer elegantly designed spa furniture with quartz countertops, LED soft lighting,   sophisticated electric lift tables with a memory foam system, and a digital warming drawer with variable heat and timing settings for towels, stones, or dry linens. A LED color-changing chromatherapy lighting system is available for the comfort of our guests.

Lorelié Boutique Suites

The Lorelié Amenities

Along with their gorgeous design, Lorelié suites come with a range of perks including complimentary WiFi, washer/dryer, and laundry sink services. Along with this, we provide our tenants with a website and front door directory listing to allow clients to find them easily, as well as 24/7 security to ensure that suites remain safe at all times. To read more about our perks, click on the link below.

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The Suite Community Lifestyle

Lorelié is an experience for both tenants and clients alike. Our Cooper City plaza is home to two gyms, a dance studio, a range of healthy restaurants, and a tea room, all aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our professionals, including Lorya, are friendly and open to talking about their craft and experience. Though each tenant is free to pursue their own business goals, they are encouraged to interact and ensure that all newcomers feel welcomed.

Become a Lorelié Beauty Professional in Cooper City, Florida

If you’re interested in joining the Lorelié community, we encourage you to review our Rental Qualifications and schedule a tour of our plaza today. To request a tour, call/text us at (954) 494-2098 or fill out and submit the contact form below. We look forward to getting to know you and discussing everything Lorelié has to offer.

Professionals We Are Looking For

  1. Nail Artist
  2. Hair Professional
  3. Health Professionals
  4. Botox Professionals
  5. Microblading
  6. Make-up Artist
  7. Injectors
  8. Lashes Professionals
  9. Personal Stylist
  10. Dietician – Nutritionist
  11. Chiropractor
  12. Tanning Specialist
  13. Massage Therapist