Lorelie Salon & Suites will officially open its doors in the fall!

Rental Qualifications

Are You The Perfect Fit For Lorelié’s Salon & Spa Suites?

Here at Lorelié Salon and Spa Suites, we strive to provide outstanding standards for our clients to enjoy a luxurious experience. While Lorelié Salon Suites is desirable for everyone, we encourage our tenets to establish a strong base and clientele before renting a suite with Lorelié. This includes having a social media presence, online digital presence, strong customer relations, good customer service, basic etiquettes that align with the upscale environment. This not only benefits your clients but builds a trusting brand quality that we can represent as a community

Would you like to embrace your creativity and the freedom of having your own schedule? At Lorelié Salon & Spa Suites, you can be your own boss and create your own brand in a personal setting.

We are looking for experienced professionals that love to grow and work in an elegant upscale beauty boutique.

If you walk the walk and talk the talk of Beauty, you are most likely qualified to join our beauty team at Lorelié! Preliminary experience within the industry is required along with a credit and background check.