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Mommy and Me Facials

A spa day with your child can provide a unique opportunity to bond and relax! Our Mommy and Me Facials are an excellent choice for moms and dads who want to spend some quality time with their kids. The facial formulas we provide for children are safe, non-irritating, and provide a fun experience. If you’re interested in making your visit to Lorelié more exciting, we also have hairstylists, nail care specialists, and other beauty professionals on site. Get in touch today and discover all the beautiful possibilities!

What Are Mommy and Me Facials?

Mommy and Me Facials are spa experiences that give you the opportunity to connect with your child. These sessions can include exfoliating and corrective peels for you and gentle, organic blends for your children. The most important aspect of these treatments is the time you share together with those you love. Our founder, Lorya, offers these treatments at her Skin & Glam medspa right here in the Lorelié plaza. We welcome you to get in touch with her and experience a spa day like no other.

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How Do Mommy and Me Facials Work?

Our Mommy and Me Facials are customized based on your unique skin needs and the kind of experience you’re looking for. When it comes to children, our professionals take every precaution to ensure that their skin is treated with care. We only use natural, organic ingredients such as fruits and oats for children’s facials. These treatments are meant as more of a fun experience for your child rather than an actual chemical peel or exfoliation.

Why Choose Lorelié for Mommy and Me Facials?

Lorelié is home to a range of diverse beauty professionals, all of whom are dedicated to giving you an authentic spa experience. We believe that the time we spend with our families can be both rewarding and relaxing. As such, we will do all we can to ensure that you and your family have a wonderful time. If you’re interested in beauty services that go beyond skincare, we welcome you to browse our provider catalog.

Mommy and Me Facials in Cooper City, Florida

Ready to start your perfect spa day? Get in touch with us and schedule your Mommy and Me Facial treatment today by dialing (954) 494-2098. If you’re a provider interested in renting a suite at our Cooper City location, please review our Rental Qualifications and submit the form below to request a tour today.